Science Buddies does not charge our customers until their orders have shipped. At the time an order is placed, an "Authorization" is placed on the credit card. This is not a charge, just the reply from the issuing bank that the card is valid to use for the transaction. Once an item ships, the authorization drops off and a charge or "Capture" of the credit card occurs. 

Authorizations should drop off once the card is charged, or if you have canceled your order before it has shipped. How the "Authorization" appears on your statement, and how long it lasts, depends upon your issuing bank. If you have questions about your particular account, you may need to contact your issuing bank. 

In rare cases, your card may be authorized, but then denied because it failed security checks such as Address Verification or Security Code. In this case, if you have not placed a successful order with that card, you may still have an Authorization pending on your card. These should fall off your account within 7 days, depending upon your bank. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on your credit card charges.

All of the above applies similarly to Paypal accounts.